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  • City Home Interior - Your partner for interior design and architecture, with individual approach and attention to every detail.
    Your satisfied personal needs are our main parameters with which your individual project will be developed. With our many years of experience and know-how we will transform your expectations into an impressive reality.
  • We are your trustworthy partner for success. To be honest, there is no universal formula for turning the 4 walls into a perfect home, but you can be sure that we will meet all of your requirements and pay attention to every detail in order to create your dream place. Whether you are interested in the interior of a home, villa, penthouse, shop, office or hotel, we will start working on it and contribute to the development of your plans with new ideas and imagination.

Our office, your showroom
  • We will create your project with individual attitude, attention, experience, responsibility, understanding, creativity, interest, determination, desire, quality, competence, imagination, personal approach, ideas, style and most of all - good taste.
  • The first step to achieve your dream is a free consultation in one of our offices. This will help us to find out more about your vision and expectations, what you like and what is important for you.
    On the other hand, you will learn about the endless possibilities that we offer for your personal architectural project.
We organize ideas and find solutions
  • Let us clarify your expectations, organize the ideas and find the most suitable solution for you! This is our approach with a clear plan we look for what is convenient for you. We’ll give wings to your vision and contribute with clear ideas and trends coming directly from awarded design magazines and exhibitions from Milan, Paris, Frankfurt and Vienna. High quality is a priority for us because taste is priceless and our standards are very high.
We make your dream home comes true!
  • Our team of professionals will contribute with expert decisions, from scratch and screed to furniture design, from zoning and visualization to choosing the perfect color and materials, from planning the light to illuminating the last detail. We can easily save your valuable time by taking care of the full project from planning to implementation. You are more than welcome also to ask us anything about some particular part of your indoor architecture.
  • Space solutions - Clarify your expectations, organize the ideas and find the most suitable solution for you! Zoning is one of the most important steps in interior design. The perfect and effective zone planning demands a lot of experience and flair. Furniture zoning depends on the apartment, interior light and individual usability.
Outdoor space and public interior

Not only we can turn a dream home into a fabulous everyday life, but also we can make outdoor spaces such as gardens, roofs and terraces look like a paradise. With creativity and taste, we will choose the right stylish garden furniture, flooring, relaxation area for you. With 3D visualization of the garden, the dream yard will acquire real dimensions and the specific plan sequence.

We love to create.

Yes, with our own hands we remove the excess and add the necessary. Whether we are working on the corporate interior of a store, restaurant or hotel, we will use our superpower to create a Signature vision and concept for success. Proper design and interior can significantly contribute to the business and change the way of development. The details make the difference and when there is a match with the purpose, brand, product and interior, the business goes in the right direction.


Years of experience


Projects so far

Our credo

Make every moment special and memorable!

Every room is different in terms of functionality and even emotion. We will pay special attention to every color and detail of the interior, in order to evoke in you synchronicity and balance. We will make sure the room brings you positive vibes into your everyday life.

Mindful to the detail

We have experience with large homes, villas, terraces, smart apartments and studios. As your interior architects, we are more curious about the functionality and the goal we need to achieve, not the size of the place. Our goal is to utilize and enrich every space so that we exceed your expectations. Therefore, we start with questions, such as how this space will make your everyday life easier or what it is the most important feature that you need, even before we discuss the design and interior.


The kitchen, as the center of family life, is a significant room in every home. It is the place, where we meet, tell stories to each other, open a fresh bottle of wine, have candlelight dinners or celebrate children's birthdays. Whether you love stylish edging with accentuated single-layer marble or imagine a beautiful and functional island, your preferences will be our guidelines. Even if all those kitchen terms seem confusing, we will put everything into place and we will impress you how easy we can make things happen.


The bathroom also deserves special attention. In recent years, this room has increased its importance and has evolved from a simple space into a place for relaxation, a personal spa and an area that nourishes the body and soul. Intrusive monotonous colors are driven away with more light ones, special interior details and huge variety of materials.
Our design and interior solutions will enrich your idea of ​​Wellness, and your the personal comfort will complement the health and tranquility.


The bedroom is easy to be overlooked, but we spend there on average 1/3 of our day. For this reason, we have to make sure this place brings us comfort, as well as relaxation after a long day. We surely can say that our day is determined by how it starts. The interior of the bedroom is a key element for our mind because it determines our mood and contributes to a harmonious family life, convenience and self-confidence.

Living room

The living room is often the place that shows your individuality and lifestyle. It contributes to our perception and gives a message to our guests. It tells stories of adventures that we had around the world and cozy nights that we spent with our family and friends.
A lot of people choose Loft or urban style that combines comfort, fashion and design.
In every project we do, we try to express our client’s unique style and add our final touch so you have a perfect result.

Our Story

It was the beginning of the millennial, when our story began. We developed a successful brand and store for home furnishing and interior solutions with our own line of custom furniture. Over the years, we gathered valuable experience, knowledge and network.
We learned to look at aesthetics as a science, beauty as a value, and style become our trait. The creativity, design and our desire to create something special for our customers took the place of our wholesale line.
Now, we are a forward-looking architecture company with experienced architects and interior designers.

Our story continues...

During the years, our team has completed many domestic and international projects that helped us to be where we are now. Nevertheless, our ambition and motivation to prove ourselves continuously, with a personal touch to each project, remains very strong. With a lot of passion, hard work and professionalism, we continue to create better spaces, to grow and develop our team of architects and interior designers.

We are experienced with success and we energetically deliver what we commit. We value our clients' time, so we have included every necessary service in our portfolio. Today, we offer a complete set of services from concept creation, design, zoning, 3D visualizations, project development and continues to the whole renovation work until the project is entirely completed and our customers are satisfied.

We have a motivated team of professionals who carry out the complete renovation. Each step in the renovation and project development is strictly monitored and accurately implemented. With teamwork and creative vision, City Home Interior will continue to do its’ magic of turning our customers’ dreams into reality!

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